During the practice group we will use the frequency of G in our navel, because according to the Nada Yoga scriptures the fundamental frequency of the Cosmos is G but you as an individual might have a different one in your own navel. Maybe A or F or B etc….

This Nada Brahma Yoga system is individual. It states that every human being incarnate with one specific frequency that constantly vibrate in his navel.

Once you have find your personal frequency, the practices of Nada Yoga will be much more efficient and powerful. The purpose of the practice is to bring Prana precisely in the respective energetic centers. Only the emotions of peace, joy, bliss, detachment, devotion, love etc ... can be deeply experienced.

You can only get this depth and precision if you sing your proper frequency in your centers.

Once you know the frequency of your navel than it is easy to determine the frequencies of all the others energetic centers.


How to find it?

This require a private appointment of about 1and a half or 2 hours.

At least one hour before the appointment you are asked, not to drink coffee or tea, and be in a silent environment, no talking no listening.

During the appointment we will help you to reach a deep level of relaxation, when this is reach than we will record your voice and determine the frequency.

After that some personal questions will be asked about your like and dislike… ..


How to get an appointment?

You can take an appointment with hamsini either directly after a workshop, or on Skype.