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Namaste dear Yogi and Yogini from  light.  

As long as I can remember I am  passionate  by human beings.


Allergic to the atmosphere of the classical school I decided to flee it at the age of 16,  

I was also misguided ...  I who aspires so much to the understanding of the human,  I am directed towards a BEP secretarial and accounting ...


At the age of 18, I prepare to enter the childcare auxiliary school, it lasted 9 months.


This preparation was a big turning point in my life. My trainers had a spiritual and human dimension in their approach and their being. I finally felt at home. This atmosphere full of benevolence gave me wings and my grades exceeded all expectations and started to fly ...


My trainers saw in me a greater potential than I used to believe and decided to help me realize my dream of studying psychology.


Thus, after having obtained the diploma of auxiliary of childcare, I quickly find  a job in a nursery, following a psychoanalysis and hypnosis sessions which lasted 7 years and at the same time take evening classes at the University of Jussieu to obtain the entrance diploma to the University of Psychology that I obtain with mention.


The following year I go to the benches of the Fac de Jussieu for two years of DEUG which I obtain with distinction.

I continue until the License and then I fly to India to find ... I did not really know what.  

My whole being felt called to make this trip without knowing what awaited me.


After having crossed India up and down, visiting mainly sacred places dedicated to spiritual development, I go to Kerala where I meet the one  who will become my spiritual Master .. Amma


Very quickly I felt an immense love for Her and decided to leave everything in France to live by her side with the aspiration to shine in  my turn  this unconditional love that She perpetually embodies.


I lived 12 years with Amma and  that  I learned first of all,  it is: “To love unconditionally begins with oneself ... It was not won ...  but I got very close to it.


Along with this journey, Amma made it clear to me to focus on the  voice development for sacred song, devotional song, something I took seriously enough. I studied with many masters but I especially deepened the Yoga of the Voice  with Clare Fanning and the Yoga of Sound according to the teachings of Vemu Mukunda and Sangeeta Ratnakara.

Today i teach  in several countries in the form of a course of several days or private lessons.


  In 2010, I discovered a very pragmatic approach to spirituality as I had experienced it with Amma, this approach called Non-Violent Communication and its  founder is Marshall Rosenberg. I see in this process a practical aid to the non-judgmental acceptance of what Is. This process  I immediately became passionate about it, I trained without delay, and followed all the modules that took place during weekends in France and then, many IIT (Intensive International Training) and conventions of 10  days in India. Finally I decide to embark on the certification to be able to teach.  

However, my meeting with Robert Gonzales during an IIT made me realize that what I aspire to most is to accompany people in this healing process which is based on Compassion. Compassion for oneself and naturally for the other and also the capacity to be in the present, to welcome it as it is, another surge of compassion.

In 2012 I decided to live in Auroville in order to deepen the integral yoga of Sri Aurobindo and Mira Alfassa.  This period of my life struck me as a relevant passage between my ashram life with Amma and my return to the world in February 2020.

Today my contribution is to be able to offer:

An accompaniment by the exploration of sound, voice and song.

Accompaniment of the Being with emphatic listening as a tool, focusing on the Self,  NVC, creative visualization,  doc Laskow's forgiveness process, the sound always and unconditional love.


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Le feu sacré de la vie, Auroville
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