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🔥😮The voice is a powerful tool that allows us to express ourselves and communicate with others about who we are and how we feel.

😀🧐 It is therefore important to take the time to know your voice well and to use it consciously. 

🥳🥰 Indeed, by freeing ourselves from our inhibitions and daring to express ourselves fully, we can free ourselves from our fears and doubts. We can also get to know ourselves better and better understand our needs and desires.

🤠👀👣 The voice is therefore a precious way to discover yourself and open up to others. 

🤗🦚 So don't hesitate to take the time to explore it and use it consciously, you will be richly rewarded.

🌈🎼❤️🕉️ Every month I offer a 4 hour workshop on voice yoga and learning sacred songs.

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